Small Batch Ice Cream

Small batch yumminess

Featuring “small batch” ice cream - made with hand-picked, ingredients from local farmers.

Offering the best, freshest and the most unique flavors resulting in the yummiest ice cream ever. We have proudly partnered with the following ice cream companies:

  • Cool Haus
  • Ice Cream Social Tacoma
  • Olympic Mountain
  • Ruby Jewel
  • Three Twins
  • McConnells
  • Gelato Fiasco
  • Parfait - Seattle’s only 100% organic ice creamery
  • Three twins - 100% organic
  • Six Strawberries - artisan Pops
  • Ruby Rocket’s fruit and veggie Pops

Home Made Ice Cream Sandwiches
We partner with Red Velvet Bakery by the Sea (in Seabrook, WA) who bakes our cookies fresh and from scratch offering small batch, big flavors:

  • Snickerdoodle with PBJ ice cream
  • Chocolate chocolate chip with Coffee ice cream
  • Red Velvet cookie with Blueberry ice cream
  • Ginger snap cookie with Mango sorbet
  • Sugar Cookie rolled in Fruity pebbles with old school vanilla

      Ice Cream Social Tacoma

      What’s better than handcrafted ice cream? How about delicious, handcrafted ice cream made with quality, natural ingredients?

      Ice Cream Social is on a mission to “provide delicious.” How do they do it? Quality control measures like working in small batches, avoiding the artificial — we’re talking stabilizers, preservatives, and ingredients — and keeping their eyes trained on the details. This means sourcing ingredients from highly reputable, local sources whenever possible. The results? A joyful, flavorful experience in every bite.


          Olympic Mountain Ice Cream

          The Black family has been handcrafting divine, artisan ice cream for over 30 years at their family home and "ice cream factory" nestled in the foothills of the Olympic Mountains.

          Their ice creams and sorbets smack of fresh, Pacific Northwest ingredients — think stunning stone fruits and flavor-packed berries — purchased at the peak of ripeness. And when one of their ice creams beguiles you with an herbal note, you can be sure the herb in question was grown on the Black’s own farm. Commitment to quality like this can only be described as “perfection, one scoop at a time.”

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