Meet The Sweet Life — Seabrook, WA’s curator of ice cream and candy — and the finest candy and ice cream shop in Grays Harbor County.

Bean To Bar Chocolates

Our bean-to-bar chocolate offerings feature a huge selection of local chocolatiers who support fair trade to help make our world a better place.

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Local And Small Batch Ice Cream

Our rotating selection of unique, local ice cream will take the edge off the heat — and transport your taste buds year round with tantalizing flavors.

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Best gourmet Ice cream | Washington Coast

What sets our selection of ice cream apart? We not only offer the best tasting ice cream on the Washington Coast, our local ice cream providers also take the high road when comes to sourcing. You’re not just supporting the local artisans making your ice cream when you join us for a cone, you’re also supporting the local farms that supply their ingredients.

The place for ice cream in Seabrook, WA

Seabrook, WA, is unique. It’s a place that stands apart because it knows what is and what it isn’t. In the same way, we at The Sweet Life have a narrow focus on quality, a focus that has earned us a reputation of not only scooping the best ice cream in Seabrook, WA, but of being the finest ice cream shop in Grays County. At The Sweet Life, you won’t find and endless array of ice cream flavors, but you will find a curated collection of the best local, small-batch ice cream in Washington State.

Artisanal And Retro Candy

We source high-end, handcrafted candy and offer many hard-to-find retro confections as well. Stepping into The Sweet Life is like stepping back in time — in the sweetest way possible.

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Best candy shops | Washington Coast

If your sweet tooth is more selective, you’re our kind of candy lover. Our candy store has the most unique collection of candy on the Washington Coast. We hope to prove this claim to you when you visit us. What will you find?

  • An unrivaled array of bean-to-bar chocolates
  • A local chocolatier featured every month
  • A sizable selection of time-honored retro sweets

Your source for one-of-a-kind candy in Seabrook, WA

If you’ve visited our town, you came to Seabrook, WA, for something you can’t find anywhere else, a town where neighbors are never unknowns, where your “wheels” are most likely pedal powered, and where days pass slowly and serenely.

It’s just the same with our sweets. Our candy and confection selection comes to us from a unique pace and place. Sure, local, small-batch, artisanal candies take longer to make, but they taste better than anything made by a factory full of widgets.

If walking Seabrook’s Front Street feels like sauntering down memory lane to you, wait until you taste our old fashioned candy collection. Our retro candies will whisk you away to a sweet bygone era. And with our online shop, those sweet memories can become your new normal.

Sweeten The Deal

We offer creative consultation and will cater your special event, or wedding by sourcing from our dozens of wonderful product lines. Our team will personalize favors making your special occassion or wedding a totally unique, fun filled and memorable event.

Catering/consultation: (360) 712-0380