Living the Sweet Life

Curators of Candy & Ice Cream

At The Sweet Life, we're big believers in "different." That's why our selection of ice cream and candy is the most unique — and delicious — on the Washington coast.

At The Sweet Life, we set out to recreate the small-town ice cream and candy shop experience of your childhood memories — only with a twist. You can still ride your bike to our store and chat it up with the locals, but unlike 1950's America, our take on sweets is a decidely simple one: the more natural, handmade, and local the better.

Our philosophy on sweets

We source our bean-to-bar chocolate from talented, local chocolatiers who believe in fair trade, making our chocolates the perfect pairing of conscience and confection.

Our ice cream is locally made in small batches and handcrafted, using only the highest quality natural and organic ingredients (and none of those weird scientific words you can’t spell let alone pronounce). 

Our philosophy is "two scoops are always better than one!" Don’t ask for sprinkles. We put them in the same category as leprechauns, unicorns, and big foot. We don’t believe in them! We do that so you can enjoy our incredible flavor combinations without distraction.


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