Visit Seabrook, WA

A sweet, one-of-a-kind experience

In addition to one-of-a-kind candies and ice cream, we provide unique event catering and hard-to-find items.

215 South Meriweather St
Pacific Beach, WA  98571

We are currently open daily from 12pm to 7pm.  We will stay open longer on weekends when weather and occupancy permit.  Hours are subject to change.  Please call the store to confirm availability. 

A word about Seabrook

Nestled into a majestic backdrop, Seabrook, WA, is an authentic beach town located on the Central Washington Coast.  Seabrook embodies the principles of New Urbanism to create a community of real neighborhoods featuring classic northwest architecture in a walkable layout planned as much for quaint vistas as for fostering community. 

Whether you are planning a vacation in Seabrook — or a life — you will love the individual character of every Seabrook home, the town's many winding walking trails, and the community created by its many green spaces, civic buildings, and quaint shops.

Seabrook offers a growing number of  shopping and dining experiences.  In addition, convenience stores with basic groceries are just five minutes away in Pacific Beach, WA. Larger shopping stores and movies are just a short drive away in Ocean Shores, WA, or a little further in Aberdeen or Hoquiam.

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